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Get a 4-week free trial to help get you started and make sure your customers love the treatments.
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Our no upfront cost subscription allows you to purchase or return your device.
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We're so confident in our devices that you can cancel any time. We eve cover the costs of shipping.
Get access to social media posts, website creation, landing pages, videos and more.
Expert Training
Get access to our expert training. Complete virtual and in-person training sessions at no cost.
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A community built for success

Artemis Distribution brings today’s top beauty devices to the UK market with the aim of building a community of successful entrepreneurs who empower their clients to be confident in their own skin.

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Artemis Distribution helps beauty device manufacturers bring their amazing products to the U.S. & U.K. market. Learn how our integrated approach exceeded sales of 1,000 units within the first 2 years of a new product launch.

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