Our Story

Our Founder, Simon Mansell, discovered Cryoskin on holiday when his wife received a Cryoskin treatment and they were both blown away by the results. Simon decided to bring Cryoskin to our flagship location, Cryofuel, in NYC. Cryostar Beauty is the sister company of Cryoskin, Cryostar HQ is based in London. 

After seeing how Cryoskin impacted Cryofuel’s monthly recurring revenue, Simon founded Artemis Distribution with this mission: 

“to build a community of successful entrepreneurs who empower their clients to be confident in their own skin.”

With the success of Cryoskin in the US and Cryostar in the UK, and the will to achieve our mission, we expanded our portfolio to include Plason, and have welcomed 1,000+ partners globally to the Artemis family. We plan on continuing to add new product lines that align with our values: providing non-invasive and effective treatments. 

Our Team

Dean Snook

VP, Customer Experience


Head of Training & Development - UK


Finance Manager

Laurie Profile background

Marketing Manager