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Have you been looking to offer non-invasive slimming treatments in your clinic? 

Cryostar® could be the device you for you. 

Cryostar® is a non-invasive fat freezing machine that uses cold and warm temperatures to reduce inches, smooth skin, and tighten and tone the face without recovery or downtime. ​​Allowing you to tailor in-clinic treatments to suit your clients needs. 

Cryostar® results are achieved as a standalone treatment course. The treatments also work great alongside many other in-clinic treatments, to enhance results such as:

Radio Frequency, Lymphatic Drainage, Infrared Sauna, HydraFacial, Microdermabrasion, Micro Needling and LED Light Therapy.

The Cryostar® device, as cryotherapy machine is able to reduce cellulite and tone the body and neck, contour the face and jaw or address all over body slimming. Manufactured in Milan, Italy – the heart of the beauty and aesthetic manufacturing world, Artemis have worked closely with the manufacturing and development to bring Cryostar® to the UK market. 

How does Cryostar® work? 

Cryostar® is a non-surgical fat freezing device with a smooth wand applicator handpiece that delivers non-invasive, toning and slimming treatments via manual massage. It works by alternating warm (+39 c) and freezing (-4 c) temperatures that are applied to the body in a massage format by a trained technician. 

The protocols have been formulated through rigorous clinical trials and then evolving through our expert, in-house product training team. Using the different protocols and techniques allows treatments to be tailored to suit the clients needs for localised areas.

Whether they want to tone and firm the skin, or whether they want to target stubborn areas of fat and shape their body. Slimming and Toning treatments can be carried out alongside each other to target different areas of the body without overloading the lymphatic system. 

The multiple treatments are applied differently, using different temperatures to achieve different results.

CryoSlimming® – designed to target localised fat reduction

Each slimming treatment usually takes between 26-40 minutes depending on the area (stomach, thighs, arms, or back) and is carried out every 14 days.

Results may be permanent, as long as your clients maintain a balanced diet and lifestyle. However, it is recommended that scheduling maintenance sessions at least once every six months, or as needed depending on the treatment area will assist with continued goals.

The manual application slimming protocol works with the body’s natural process of removing unwanted cells via programmed cell death (Apoptosis) allowing the body to balance out old and new cells, and remove any unwanted cells, for example the body would try to remove any pre-cancerous cells via the process of Apoptosis.

The Apoptosis process of reducing and eliminating the fat cells happens when they are exposed to controlled thermal reduction via the Cryostar® wand handpiece. It is the cold temperatures that encourage the process of Apoptosis to begin and freeze the fat.

With the Cryostar® technology, this process works when a trained Cryostar® technician applies a wand directly to the area of the body they would like to treat, after applying a gel to protect the skin. The wand bounces between warm and cold temperatures. The warmest temperatures used are up to 4c and the coldest can be -4c. The range of temperature used is dependent on what area of the body is being treated and the results desired. 

Once the temperature is quickly reduced, down to the Hypodermis layer of skin, the fat cells can no longer sustain life. As fat cells are more susceptible to cold temperatures than other cells, fat freezing activates Apoptosis in the fat cells only, achieving the desired result without causing any collateral damage to skin or other cells. 

During the 14 down days between the first CryoSlimming® appointment, the initial results are generally visible and often very encouraging. However, it should be noted that the best results appear from 14 days to 3 weeks after the start of treatments and extend for several months after the end of a course of treatment. It is recommended to package the treatments in 5 or 10 sessions.

CryoToning® – designed to address loose skin, cellulite and signs of ageing

CryoToning® treatments can be performed every 3-7 days. Toning can be carried out alongside CryoSlimming®, as long as it is localised to a different area of the body. This will then not overload the lymphatic system and will allow the Slimming cell debris to still leave the body.

Toning treatments utilise the application of cold temperatures to target the dermal layer of the skin. CryoToning® works by using the wand set to cold, generally not below -2c to massage the skin. The therapist’s hand (warm) follows massaging the areas which causes the blood vessels to alternate between constriction and dilation in the dermis. 

This creates an alternation between vasoconstriction and vasodilation which produces a pumping effect on the blood and lymph, increasing flow. By improving the oxygenated blood flow (microcirculation) – the blood vessels are then able to deliver fresh nutritious blood to the other cells in the dermis; this in turn boosts collagen and elastin production, as well as improving the quality of these fibres. 

CryoToning® is a great treatment to reduce cellulite or target areas of loose skin following weight loss. Noticable results produce tighter skin, reduction in the appearance of cellulite and signs of aging. A course of treatments is recommended with a longer term maintenance programme to sustain results. 

CryoFacial™  – a CryoToning® treatment for the face

During the treatment the face will be massaged using the cold temperature of the wand (between 5-7°C) alternated with the warmth of your therapist’s hand, this will create vasodilation and vasoconstriction which will oxygenate the blood flow and brings more nutrients to the skin. Intense cold temperatures of the wand deliver high levels of oxygen, enzymes and nutrients to the face and neck ultimately strengthening the structure of the dermis layer of the skin. The facial can be followed instantly with LED Light Therapy to enhance the results. 

The face and jaw line will instantly be noticeably firmer, tight and lifted as well as the skin will be plumped and radiant. The CryoFacial™ treatments are suitable for on the day or day before an event.

Each Facial session takes around 20 – 30 minutes. As it is non-invasive it can work alongside other in-clinic treatments which will increase the treatment time. 

The more frequently you have CryoFacials™, the more benefits you’ll reap with higher collagen production acting as a defence against future ageing, maintenance is recommended every 6 weeks.

The kind of results your clients can expect 

Back when Cryostar® was launched in the UK, a clinical study was carried out to determine the effectiveness of Cryostar® over the course of 5 sessions. The study was carried out with 16 participants at the Societé Francaise d’Accreditation Santé in Paris, France by Dr. Philippe Blanchemaison. 15 out of 16 of those studied experienced a significant reduction in waistline measurement. This group of 15 subjects showed an average reduction of 1.85 inches. Ultrasound scans showed that the average reduction in subcutaneous fat (fat under the skin) was 18.96% in the treated area.

These are the kind of results clients can expect from a series of treatments: 

Cryostar® is suitable for businesses such as Cryotherapy centers, Spas, Hotels, Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons or budding entrepreneurs. When you become a Cryostar® Pro our team supports you every step of the way. From full in person training to support with marketing, events and sales. 

If you’re interested in knowing more about adding Cryostar® to your business, please reach out to our sales team or you can call them directly on 020 157 9758.

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