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Before & After photos of your clients are the perfect way to show off results of successful treatments. They also show potential clients what you can do with their own bodies. They provide an exciting visual comparison and provide you with a powerful tool to help sell your services.

Highlighting the process that your client went through to achieve their goals and desired results will help introduce your treatments to potential new customers through real customer case studies. We suggest using these images on your website, social media and blog. If you can add a quote or testimonial alongside the photos even better!

Your client’s before & after results are a powerful selling tool to attract new business and build trust with your existing customers – Cryostar partners keep a hardback photobook in their reception areas to help boost confidence in our treatments for new customers. Visit our Before & After photo galleries to help you with ideas on how to create a compelling marketing tool to show off your work and set you apart from the competition.

Key points on how to take before and after photos and how these can benefit your practice:

What Are Before & After Photos?

Before and after photos are photos taken before and after a beauty or aesthetic procedure. These photos show the transformation of the client’s look in the before photo, and then compare it to their look in the after photo – if they have multiple treatments then these are all documented. This allows potential clients to see the dramatic change that can be made after just one treatment as well as over time with a series of treatments.

Before After Front Side

How Do I Take Before & After Photos?

Obtain client consent! You can provide them with a form to sign before any treatments are carried out then they can opt in or decline. Make it clear where you are sharing the images and if there are extra options like blurring eyes/identity.

Taking before and after photos is simple, but there are some things you should keep in mind when taking these pictures – the main point is consistency.

Use natural light as much as possible – natural light will prevent shadows from appearing on your subject’s face, making it easier to see any changes occurring in their features.

If natural light is not available, or you are taking photos at different times of the day (like most clinics) then a ring light is perfect. Use a plain white or light grey background, keep it set up at all times if possible to reduce time setting up, and mark a spot where you have the ring light and another where the client stands for consistency. If there are multiple practitioners taking images then you will all get the same lighting and background for all treatments.

Ring Light Picture

Use a tripod – You’ll want your camera/camera phone to remain steady throughout the entire process so that any movement doesn’t affect your shots.

Decide on the required pose and angle for each treatment and post a copy of it in the treatment room for reference. Do arms need to be relaxed, across the body, across the chest? Does the face need to be at an angle rather than straight on? 

Take the time to check that you have the shot and angle that you need. If customers are aware that you would like to document the process they will understand that an extra minute in the clinic can make all of the difference.

How Do I Display my Photos?

Do not edit! Images, especially of bodies and faces are easily recognisable of tweaks, filters and edits. If your work and your patience to get the right kind of photos is there, then you will not even consider editing.

Use a free tool like Canva. Upload all of your images – then you can add/remove/zoom and lay them out until you have the best process shots. You can then resize the page sizes and image quality based on where you are sharing them.

Once you have these images to use (with consent), encourage your clients to share them and create a buzz for you, for free! Before & After images are great to see results, Word of Mouth is another great way of shouting about your services and treatments. 

Cryostar and Before After

Don’t underestimate the power of a well taken before and after photo. Think of your own experience as consumer when considering trying a brand new treatment or a new company – you want to see what your results will be before you commit.

Teeth straightening companies are a good example of this. We all know the Invisalign but what about Smile Direct Club or DW Aligners? Not so much. Would you go with one of these companies over Invisalign without first seeing proof that they can get the same results? It’s the same for your clients, they want results and they want to feel confident that you will achieve that for them, before they commit. So take and posts as many good before & after photos as you can and let the results do the work for you!

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