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In the lead up to Christmas, there is always so much to do in and around the clinic. It’s easy to think that because it’s such a great time of year for the business you just need to keep your head down and get through it. However, with a little additional effort you can make this season even better for your business! 

Starting with making sure every gap in the dairy is filled. Get your diary bustling for the next few months, and into January, by following these simple steps:

1 – Lock down bookings in advance

Encouraging clients to book in advance for the next couple of months will ensure that they have their appointments working around their schedule or ahead of a special event, but will also show you and your team where there are gaps to fill in the diary ahead of time.

Shout loud across your social platforms, your email database and speak to clients at their previous appointments – make sure your clientele knows that your diary leading up to the festive season is already filling up. 

Make sure to keep an appointment ‘waiting list’ for those hot appointment times, so no one misses out!

2 – Create urgency around last minute availability

Future bookings will eliminate last minute frustration on both sides but will also allow for last minute walk-in appointments and the chance to promote those nearer the time for less regular clients, whilst still boosting treatment earnings.

Social media posts are a good way to fill appointments at short notice. Instagram Stories are live instantly and available to your audience with up to date availability information.

Start posting each week with the available appointments for the following week, or any cancellation slots for the current week. 

Then update the story as each appointment gets taken, as below. It will encourage clients to get in there quickly and book those slots. 

Boost your revenue in this busy season

As these are the months that will likely be the busiest of the year – where you welcome new clients and see old returning back in the door, it’s important to take the opportunity to maximise your revenue. With a few extra offerings and activities you could boost revenues without too much extra selling. Here are three suggestions:   

3 – Upsell current bookings with add-on services

During the festive period clients are often attending special events and are more inclined to spend additional time and money to pamper themselves, and make themselves feel amazing.

Introduce new add-on treatments when clients are booking in for their regular standard appointments, by offering additional treatments at a discounted rate, if they have it following their current booking. 

A great option is to combine add on treatments  and make them shorter for those that are time poor. Complementary services like a Facial and adding on an LED Light Treatment work really well. 

We like to see LVL lash appointments being carried out alongside eyebrow appointments, this can save at least 30 minutes of time for the client and practitioner. Likewise booking body treatments with any facial procedure to maximise all over results. 

4 – Create exciting festive package offerings

Pre-booked packages or courses will boost revenue in the last few months of 2022 whilst treatments will carry over until 2023. This guarantees clients returning and investing their time within the clinic. Giving you the opportunity to communicate with them with new treatments for 2023, current offers and seasonal events. 

This is also an opportunity to email your client data list and win back old clients. Reaching out via email and text, you can engage with those that haven’t been into the clinic for 3+ months and incentivise them with festive services, party packages, add-on treatments and offers.

5 – Host a Clinic event evening

Say thank you to your loyal clients by hosting an event, mid to late November is a great time as the shops will have started putting up decorations, clients will be looking to buy gift vouchers and product gifts. Tis the season after all..

Welcome them in for a glass of bubbles, some canapes and a goody bag. Include a Gift Voucher for them for the New Year to use against a product or service, showing that you appreciate their custom. Share your event across social media and your email database with an RSVP option. The more clients walking through your clinic doors over the festive season the better. 

These suggestions are not only for the festive season, if maintained monthly and scheduled, it will ensure your diary is continually full, you can compete to gain new clients and see average revenues increase over time. 

By analysing the data from your Social Media posts and email campaigns you can see exactly what channels your clients are communicating with you and what they are booking so you can plan ahead. 

What are you waiting for? Start now and roll into 2023, with a busy diary! 

DISCLAIMER: The material and information contained not his website is for general information purposes only. You should not rely solely upon the material or information on the website as a basis for making any business, legal or any other decisions.

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