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Dean Snook

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Have you been thinking about adding an aesthetics device to your business? 

As a clinic owner you have a million things on your plate and launching a new technology can seem daunting and time consuming.

It doesn’t have to be that way and ultimately it is about delivering what your clients want whilst boosting your business revenue!

At Artemis we take seriously our mission to be “Your Partner in Aesthetics and Wellness”.

We want you to be successful as a business owner and support you in bringing new treatments to your clientele. 

Recently we launched with a new partner who was willing to collaborate from the get go. They made a huge success of adding Cryostar to their treatment offerings – generating £3.5K revenue in ONE DAY of their free trial.

Would you like to see that kind of revenue within one month and with no outlay

Launching Cryostar within your clinic 

You’re likely thinking that sounds doubtful and we don’t blame you. 

Here’s how that success was achieved… 

A brand new  FREE Cryostar machine (RRP £20,000) was delivered and set up in our new partners clinic treatment room. 

Comprehensive information about the technology, treatments and full marketing materials and assets were provided to arm the clinic with everything needed to start shouting about their new treatment offering. 

Our expert trainers spent the day with their team ensuring each therapist was fully trained and felt comfortable carrying out the different Cryo treatments, including how to carry out consultations and ensure your clients are given the right treatment package, as well as combining the treatment with existing services. 

An in-clinic event was planned and arranged, inviting only current clients on our partners books. The event was kept simple – a few nibbles, glass of bubbly and the opportunity to try out the new CryoFacial™. 

Offering a one night discount of 50% off all CryoFacial™ courses (5 treatments per course) and additionally if they purchased a CryoSlimming® course (at 50% off) they got 3 x facials free. 

Our partners sold 11 CryoFacial™ packages that evening, with more to come. 

Securing that many package bookings in one go was a game changer for launching this kind of technology. It allowed our partner to stay one step ahead and strategically plan how they’ll make Cryostar a consistent treatment within their clinics offerings. 

Keeping the momentum going

Our recommendation following the success of this night was to keep that excitement going and keep the bookings coming.

There are multiple ways to do this: 

  • Share the success of the event via email with clients that couldn’t make the event. 
  • Post the results of each client’s treatment package over the following weeks. 
  • For those that booked a package, offer them a discount on CryoToning® or CryoSlimming® if booked by the end of their CryoFacial™package. 
  • Offer a shortened CryoFacial™or CryoToning® taster to clients at the end of their other treatment bookings. 
  • Include Cryostar treatments, combined with other treatments as part of larger monthly packages. 

Have your own successful launch!

We hope this example of our partner’s launch has helped alleviate any concerns you may have about adding a new technology within your clinic. It should be an exciting thing – for your team and for your clients. Our team at Artemis will support you every step of the way. If you’re interested in having a successful new launch for your own clinic, drop your details below and one of our team will get in touch to talk to you further. 

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