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Dean Snook

Dean Snook

VP, Client Services

The Plason Device

Clinically proven – Plason is the first combination Plasmaporation and Sonoporation device in the United Kingdom.

It combines plasma (plasmaporation) and ultrasound (sonoporation) to deliver a revolutionary transforming treatment. The four main actions are; sterilization, absorption, anti-pigmentation and skin regeneration. 

The Science Part 

Plasma – The fourth state of matter. It is a high-energy state of matter where electrons are stripped from atoms, resulting in a mixture of ions and free electrons. Plasmas are commonly found in stars and lightning. Interestingly, it is estimated that more than 99% of the visible universe is in the plasma state. Plasmas are also found in the sun’s corona and in many other celestial objects, making them an important and abundant form of matter in the universe.

In relation to Plason, the Plasmaportion technology that uses plasma to permeate the cells membranes and introduce therapeutic agents on a deep level. The process works by applying a low-frequency electrical field to the cells, creating a plasma discharge that generates reactive species such as free radicals, which induce temporary pores in the cell membrane. 

This increases the skin’s absorption rate by 60-120x following the plasmaporation (PlasmaClear®) treatment.  

The Sonoporation part of the Plason treatment uses high-frequency ultrasound waves to drive the delivery of serums deeper into the skin. The acoustic pressure generated by the ultrasound waves creates small transient pores in the cell membranes, which closes after the exposure has ended. 

Plason dramatically increases absorption of both water and fat-soluble solutions through the application of both the plasmaporation and sonoporation handpieces.

Plason VS The Plasma Pen/Fibroblasting 

Plason treatments are not to be confused with the Plasma Pen/Fibroblasting that have become very popular in recent years. With the Plasma pen, a metal plasma tip, which doesn’t touch the skin directly, discharges a high-frequency electrical current, forming a combustible charge to the targeted area. The treatment is designed to stimulate new healthy collagen and elastin. Heat from the small blasts create micro-injuries leaving small scabs. These can take a few days to heal, downtime is usually 4-7 days.

Plason Treatments

The Plason device offers two main treatments for your clients. Both treatments are painless, non-invasive and relaxing. Combined they take around 30 minutes to deliver. 

PlasmaClear® treatment uses the application of plasma energy, which emits ions and plasma radicals onto the skin. This targets and breaks down bacteria to completely sterilize and cleanse the skin – Perfect for eradicating acne. PlasmaClear® also helps to reduce hyperpigmentation, collagen remodeling, and overall skin health.

PlasmaFacial® utilises the same innovative plasma energy, with the addition of the sonoporation technology. Following the application of plasma energy to open the skin cells, which dramatically increases the skin’s absorption rate, a serum is applied. Using the sonoportation the serum is driven further to the depth of the skin using the sonoporation handpiece.

Many Benefits of Plason

Results have shown a reduction in: 

  • Oily Skin
  • Active acne 
  • Blemishes
  • Dehydration 
  • Hyperpigmentation

Client also experience: 

  • Increase in skin’s absorption rate 
  • Collagen remodeling 
  • Better overall skin health 
  • Improved skin tone & appearance 

Clinical data has shown a 14% increase in dermal density in just 4 weeks.

The Results- Before & After

Launch Plason in your clinic

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When you become a partner of Artemis we will work with you every step of the way to successfully launch the Plason device. From full face to face training, marketing supporting and on-going account management. 

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