Safety in Aesthetics – Taking it seriously

Dean Snook

Dean Snook

VP, Client Services

As the rise of new non-invasive aesthetic treatments continues to grow, particularly in the technology and prevention segments, ensuring that the treatments and new devices you decide device to take on in your clinics are safe is very important. 

In 2022, Cryostar® was a finalist for Best Aesthetic Technology and the Plason device won Best Universal Product for Spa/Beauty/Aesthetics. 

For the upcoming 2023 awards we have been nominated for the following: Plason by Artemis, for the Best Aesthetic Technology Award and Cryostar, for the Best Universal Product Spa/Beauty/Aesthetics Award. 

If you work in aesthetics you’ll know the industry is not carefully regulated, neither is the beauty industry. With more and more ‘aesthetic’ treatments becoming available that can be carried out by beauticians, with minimal training, the lines between the beauty and aesthetics industries are blurring and the need to ensure that the correct training, approvals and highest quality products and devices are being used, is all the more important. 

Why safety is important 

Aesthetic procedures often involve the manipulation of the body, which can have significant physical and psychological impacts on our clients. By prioritising safety, aesthetic industry professionals and business owners demonstrate their commitment to providing ethical and responsible care, promoting client trust and satisfaction.

Safety measures help to regulate the industry. Guidelines, protocols, and best practices ensure that treatments are performed by qualified and trained professionals, using the appropriate equipment and techniques. This helps to prevent unqualified practitioners from offering unsafe and ineffective procedures and, protecting individuals from potential harm.

Safety is vital for the reputation and credibility of the aesthetic industry as a whole. Adhering to safety standards helps to establish the industry as a reputable and trustworthy field, encouraging individuals to seek treatments from qualified professionals and reducing the risk of negative experiences or outcomes.

Things to consider 

When you’re looking to purchase a new device or offer a new treatment in your clinic here are some things to consider: 

  • What kind and level of training will you receive on the new treatment 
  • Will there be follow up/on-going support from the company’s team 
  • Is the device CE/FDA approved 
  • How new is this offering / treatments 
  • What case studies evidence of results can the business offer before you purchase 
  • Do you know all the potential complications that could occur with this new treatments 
  • Is your team qualified to navigate thorough client consultations to prevent complications 
  • Are you able to get insurance cover for the new treatment/device 

Artemis & Safety 

The team at Artemis takes safety seriously. Ensuring our devices are fully covered and within safety guidelines is of utmost priority. We understand the importance that our partners need to feel confidence in the devices and treatments being offered. 

We are proud that for two years running we have either won or been nominated for awards from Safety in Beauty. Safety in Beauty are advocates of raising awareness of malpractice in the beauty and aesthetics industry. They continue to campaign for safe beauty and search out businesses within the industry who excel in safety. 

Safety in the aesthetic industry is important to minimize risks of complications, protect our clients well-being, promote ethical care, regulate the industry, and maintain its reputation. Always do your research when looking to add new offerings to your business for long term success. 

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