The Artemis Journey – A look back and a look ahead.

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Dean Snook

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2023 started with a bang and there are some exciting times ahead for all of us at Artemis UK! In 2022 after officially launching our UK website just in time for the Professional Beauty show, we then attended another 2 industry shows later in the year. Many new clinics joined the team and  added Plason and Cryostar® to their treatment offerings around the UK, and we won our first Award! Keep reading to learn more about The Artemis Journey and where we will be heading this year…

Industry Shows

Networking with other industry professionals can be one of the most rewarding parts of going to events. Last year we visited Professional Beauty, Olympia Beauty and CCR . Plason and Cryostar® were demonstrated to 100’s of people! We introduced Plason and Cryostar® to industry experts including Andrew Hansford, Deborah Forsythe and Jo Hammond –  who have since included us in seminars, blog posts and within their own clinics.

Beauty shows have also been an excellent way of meeting potential clients, as well as showcasing products. This year we will continue our journey in the medical and beauty industry events and hopefully see you there.

UK Clinic Tour

Sarah and Kelly’s UK Clinic Tour was a unique experience that took place in cities across the country. Unfortunately due to the cold freeze that hit, it was cancelled halfway through but we did manage to attend Kat’s Beauty’s first birthday party, run a Plason demo day at Solea Beauty, pop into see Sculpt Spalding’s beautiful space, visit our trainer Andrew Hansford and attend the Pro Beauty VIP Xmas party! 

It was brilliant to celebrate the Artemis Journey of 2022 with some of our partners and learn more about plans for 2023. We’ve managed to reschedule the second trip for this month, so we look forward to seeing more of our partners on the road soon!

Award Winning!

Our team could not be prouder to have won ‘Best Universal Product Award for Aesthetics, Beauty & Spa UK’ from Safety in Beauty. A big thank you to everyone who voted! 

We’re delighted to announce that we have been nominated as an Aesthetics Awards 2023 Finalist for the NEW Company Representative of the Year category. It is a huge pleasure to be recognised among the individuals, clinics, and companies who have worked to raise standards and excel in the aesthetics speciality over the last 12 months. 

The Aesthetics Awards is the most recognised and well-established provider of its kind, uniting the industry to celebrate what’s been achieved in the last year. Please vote for us here.  

New Protocols for 2023

Cryostar® is set to launch a new CryoSooth™ Protocol this April. A series of new guidelines and procedures that have been developed in partnership with Dr Kay Minniear. These protocols have been specifically designed to ease soreness and discomfort, soothe inflammation, and may also improve recovery in the area of concern. 

Throughout Dr. Minniear’s testing, participants reported a greater than 38% reduction in pain, and at least 57% self-reported protocol effectiveness. The 10 protocols designed will appeal to Physiotherapists and Chiropractors, as well as additional services to our existing partners. Watch this space for more information. 

The Artemis Journey of 2023 will be one to remember.

It will be a new chapter in our story, and we’re excited for you to get involved.

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